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“Hi, I’m Tom, and I like making unopposed challenges, but all my characters keep getting murdered by Tears of Lys!”

“Hello, I’m Emily, and when I play Dagmer Cleftjaw, I can’t help but get a confusingĀ feeling that Tywin is a slightly better card…”

Welcome guys. I’m James, and I’ve been clean of Greyjoy since second ed. was released, because they’re terrible. Hopefully with the help of this blog, you too can learn to avoid such enticing but awful cards like ‘Ahead of the Tide’, ‘Ours is the Old Way’ and ‘Helya’. Hell no (credit Joel).

A 2nd ed. noob, but veteran card and eurogamer.

Likes: Netrunner, Conquest šŸ˜¦ Thrones, Arkham Horror LCG. Cats. Hansa Teutonica (and other ultradry eurogames). Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.

Dislikes: Bad cardpools. Like Greyjoy.