Dramatis Personae

Whilst this will be a blog primarily focusing on Thrones (and other FFG card games), it’s highly likely it will touch on board games, typically of the dry, heavy, euro (read BEST) variety.

One of the best things about the FFG LCGs, and board games in general are the strong communities they develop, and the social aspect. As such, it seems prudent to at least provide a record of the various miscreants and fellow travellers that will likely be mentioned on this site:

The Author:

Runs Thrones and some of the Netrunner events in Reading, UK. Will probably end up running the L5R ones too, in all likelihood. Used to run Conquest events until Games Workshop interfered. Is a well known arsehole, and so mostly plays Martell.


One of Reading’s other Thrones stalwarts, Thrones is George’s first major foray down the rabbit hole of FFG card games. He seems to be enjoying it. George loves building his own decks, often full of jank. Perennially friendly, George is the kind of player that is always at the heart of a community. George also plays boardgames. I’ve only ever seen George lose his grip on his easygoing personality once, during an ill-fated game of Dark Moon. (Don’t play it, it’s awful. You may as well just play Battlestar Galactica. It’s a much better game and takes about the same length of time.)


Joel is the best Thrones player in Reading, and a constant thorn in the side of UK Nats 2016 champion Ryan. Whilst not playing any competitive card games before, after a series of relentless beatings from the author, Joel got good. If there was a Rocky montage, I missed it, but I suspect it contained a lot of heavy shuffling and listening to Banter Behind the Throne. Joel is an efficient player, and thus only plays what’s good – mainly Lannister, never Greyjoy. Joel is my partner in crime for the new Arkham Horror LCG, which is great, as I don’t have to try and beat him. Joel also plays boardgames. Joel is responsible for the best Thrones meme in the UK, Joelface:


Joel also plays board games.


Nilo is my long suffering work wife. A competitive Pokemon TCG player (I know, I’m working on it), Nilo got burned badly by Conquest, buying in just before FFG pulled the plug. Nilo and I play a lot of games together, currently including  a Malifaux: Through the Breach campaign run by…


Has a cat. Used to work with Nilo and I. Loves miniatures games and RPGs, Nahum tempted me back into roleplay with an interesting setting and a totally diceless system. Seriously, fuck dice and their totally unnecessary randomisation. Just lazy design. Heavily impressed by Nahum’s smooth, smooth GMing. Nahum also got burned by the demise of Conquest.

‘Dodgy’ Phil:

‘Dodgy’ Phil and I love pretty much all the same games, only he doesn’t play any lifestyle games like the FFG LCGs. Phil is my primary opponent in ultradry, heavy eurogames, and we’re normally very well-matched. Phil normally wins, but the margin of victory is low, but consistent. Phil’s modus operandi is to play a positive game, bargaining with positions where both players benefit (only he always seems to come out slightly ahead). In games, Phil needs his head to be held firmly underwater until he is no longer a threat, even if it’s a detriment to my own strategy, or he’ll inevitably win. Not dodgy in the least.


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