Burning Sensation

This is a post based on the competitive scene, focused upon joust. Just as we arrive at the end of the second full cycle of datapacks for Thrones, FFG have delivered some juicy new spoilers for House Targaryen, to arrive midway through the third cycle, with 'The Fall of Astapor' and the Watchers on the Wall … Continue reading Burning Sensation

Finally some joy? Tyrion’s Chain

This article, like most of mine, is written from a competitive play point of view. People that know me, know I believe Greyjoy is the worst faction in AGoT 2.0. Bleak, depressing artwork, dull colour palette in the frames of cards, and a stupendously boring, one-trick-pony play style are all strong reasons to avoid this, … Continue reading Finally some joy? Tyrion’s Chain